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Video and discussion with work by David Ian Bellows/Griess, Nina Isabelle and Elizabeth Lamb. What happens when certain information is blocked from reaching the public and how, when framed as the economic structure of supply and demand, does the commodification of information lead to a social net loss revealing the gnarly cost of consumption?

50 min.

Dramatic Object Making is a 50 min. video of three artists making art objects using garbage in a dramatic setting. How do we avoid consumerism when process leads to objects? Conceived by Nina Isabelle with David Ian Bellows/Griess & Elizabeth Lamb.

50 min.
David Ian Bellows/Geiess, Nina Isabelle & Elizabeth Lamb

Empathy Blinders is a version of David Ian Bellows/Griess larger Empathy Surveillance project that uses safety vests, diy blinders, and a camera lens to challenge our individual and collective ability to see beyond sight/site. Empathy Surveillance was initiated for PERFORMANCY FORUM: CIVIC REFLEX/REFLEJO CÍVICO and is ongoing at

DAVID IAN BELLOWS/GRIESS explores themes of control, labor, and sexual play through diy surveillance to relay the physicality and the resilience of the body and what might be possible / impossible for the body to sustain.

NINA ISABELLE is a process-based artist working with language & perception and works as an intermediary between concept and action at Three Phase Center for Collaborative Art Research & Building in Stone Ridge, NY. 

ELIZABETH LAMB is a collaborator, facilitator, and gallerist living in Brooklyn, NY.

Suggested donation $5-$20 / pay-what-you-can

gutter hangers
sunday may 27th

Sunday May 27th, 2018

Lorene Bouboushian & Nina Isabelle

1:PM - Dark

Three Phase

3607 Atwood Rd. Stone Ridge, NY​

Gutter Hangers is an experiment in challenging failure as two people attempt to install a sloped structural diversion system designed to waste a natural resource by directing it away from an existing habitat while simultaneously attempting to build sustainable community relationships through offering grilled mushrooms to any well-meaning participatory onlookers and volunteer spectators who try to help. 

(ps: we never hung the gutters)